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BIAC was formed in 2007 in response to a call from 170 Palestinian civil society organizations to “international civil society organizations and people of conscience all over the world to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel”. Our goal is Israel’s compliance with international law and its recognition and implementation of Palestinian rights.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign is a non-violent way to oppose occupation and oppression, refusing to be complicit in the ongoing suppression of Palestinians.

For the last several years, BIAC has instigated actions and programs to support BDS. BIAC has organized two educational pickets against Israeli-based Zim shipping at Deltaport and conducted information pickets at Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), Lavan and the Jersuleum Spring Quartet. It has organized a BDS resolution for the MEC AGM, held a program on Palestinian Statehood,, co-sponsored speakers such as Jon Elmer at UBC, Jenny Peto at SFU, Michael Riordon at SFU and the labour tour of Amjad Barham, President, Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professionals and Employees. Along with other groups BIAC worked to defend our right to hold a public meeting at Vancouver Public Library. We are now working with many groups to bring “A Child’s View from Gaza” art exhibit to Vancouver.

BIAC has worked with many organizations to accomplish this work including Independent Jewish Voices, Seriously Free Speech Committee, Canada Palestine Association, CanPalNet, Jews for Just Peace and UBC Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. We have also participated in actions initiated by these and other organizations including picket lines that greeted hard line Zionists such as Alan Dershowitz and Avigdor Lieberman when they came to speak in Vancouver.

Our work, along with that of other Palestinian solidarity organizations, and most importantly the courage and resilience of the Palestinian people confronting over 40 years of illegal and barbarous occupation have resulted in a massive change of public attitude towards the Palestinian cause. Along with this change in public attitude come greater opportunities to support the Palestinians and greater push back from supporters of illegal occupation.

Throughout this work, BIAC has not asked its supporters for financial support. We are now facing a situation where greater demands have resulted in a small debt plus possible restrictions on our future work. We are asking our supporters to make a financial contribution to paying off our debt and sustaining our work. We are an advocacy group and do not have a charitable tax number. Important political work to achieve a just solution for Palestinians is not subsidized by the government. Only the work of the oppressors of Palestinians is subsidized.

Please give generously.

To donate, please send a cheque to BIAC at 2762 Trinity St., Vancouver, BC. V5K 1E7. If you would prefer to donate online, please click here.