August 4: Confront Trudeau on support for Israel during Gaza Massacre

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Head, recently (April ’14) reassured friends of Israel that “the Liberal Party will have Israel’s back.”

We have an opportunity to confront Trudeau on his continued blind support for Israel during the slaughter in Gaza.

Bring your signs!

Douglas Park
Monday August 4, 2014
801 W. 22nd St. (Meet at West 20th and Laurel) 

The following is the text of April 14th statement from Justin Trudeau during his acceptance speech for medal of merit from the Meir Medical Centre in Israel:

“…Like you, I am committed to Israel’s security and well-being. As I have said many times- before and after visiting Israel –standing up for Israel is more than just standing up for her security. It is also standing up for the very ideals that our two countries share: our democracy, our openness, tolerance, compassion, respect for the rule of law and most of all-the quest for peace.

In this regard I want to reiterate the Liberal Party will have Israel’s back…because it is the right thing to do. I also want to emphasize the importance of a political consensus in Ottawa across party lines-we must support Israel which after all is the only democracy in a difficult and all too often hostile part of the world.

Canada must always remain a steadfast and true friend to Israel and the only way to accomplish is to make sure all political parties regardless of our differences are united in our support for a safe and secure state of Israel…

(Youtube Translation from French) This also means taking a principled stand against-what my dear friend  Irwin Cotler  calls “the new anti-semitism” and its dangerous masquerade of so called foreign policy. We must do everything in our power to stamp it out for once and for all…that means working with international organizations, like the UN… Ironically this form of scurrilous statecraft manifests itself all too often,..We must be present in these international institutions in order to make our case-lest we risk looking by fault to the purveyors of hate.”

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