Two important protests: Ehud Barak – War Criminal Not Welcome + Protest JNF Fundraiser

war-criminal-ehud-barakJoin Vancouver JNF protest Sunday evening Sept 29
Where:  across from Temple Sholom (Oak St. between W 56th and 57th Ave)
The Jewish National Fund (JNF) is hosting Gilad Schalit in his first visit to Canada, also in attendance will  be the former Conservative minister Stockwell Day.
When:  7:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept 29 
What:  Stand with signs, distribute relevant leaflets to event attendees and passersby 
  • The JNF (Jewish National Fund) event taking place at 8 pm Sept 29 at Temple Shalom is a fundraiser for developing an area of Canada Park  in honour of captive Israeli soldiers past present and future.
  • Canada Park is built on land of three Palestinian villages whose inhabitants were driven out in 1967 – Imwas  (the biblical  Emmaus), Yalu, and Beit Nuba
  • Canada Park was originally funded by Canadians who weren’t told what their money was being used for, but there is no longer any  excuse to say “we didn’t know.
  • The JNF has a long and ongoing history of using trees to “greenwash” their part in the dispossession of Pa)lestinians, both inside the borders of Israel and in territories that Israel illegally occupies
 Please join us to protest the JNF and its actions
Independent Jewish Voices   Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign   Canada Palestine Association  Gaza’s Ark
Monday, September 30 – Gather at 5:00 pm
Four Seasons Hotel, 791 W Georgia, Vancouver
Former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak is coming to Vancouver on September 30 as the honoured guest of a $500/plate dinner. Barak is responsible for, among other notorious actions:
  •  ordering Operation Cast Lead, the assault on Gaza that killed over 1300 Palestinians
  • attacking the Gaza Flotilla in June 2010
  • launching last November’s attacks on Gaza
  • maintaining the siege on Gaza
  • expanding the construction of the Apartheid Wall
  • multiple assassinations of Palestinian political activists and leaders
Barak’s responsibility for these and other actions make clear that he is a war criminal and our message must be heard loud and clear. The organization hosting Barak, the Bon Mot Book Club, is the same organization that hosted $500/plate dinners for Dick Cheney and Pervez Musharraf in 2011. The people came out to the streets to say WAR CRIMINALS NOT WELCOME – it is time to say this clearly again! 
Organizing Groups Include: Canada Palestine Association, Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

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