Take Action: Online Protest Against the Prawer Plan: Write John Baird

prawer-englishThe Israeli government’s new initiative, the Prawer Plan, means the forcible removal of 30-70,000 Palestinian Bedouin citizens of Israel from the Naqab, the destruction of over 35 “unrecognized” villages, and the loss of 800,000 dunums of land. The Bedouin would be relocated to “townships” set up by the Israeli state. Click here to write to Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird now and demand that Canada stand against the Prawer Plan.

This draft law has been approved on first reading by the Knesset. It has second and third readings before it becomes law, so it is time for international action and solidarity. The Bedouin community and the Palestinian movement have universally come out in opposition to the plan which threatens to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians of the Naqab.

The Prawer Plan violates international law, including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. It has been condemned by the European Parliament and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

91 notable Canadian authors signed an open letter calling for an end to the Prawer plan – and for a change in Canadian policy. Rick Roth, spokesperson of Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, described this planned ethnic cleansing and forced mass eviction as an “internal Israeli matter.”

Human rights violations, mass expulsions, and dispossession of indigenous people is a concern for the conscience of the world. In fact, these things are already happening and have been happening on an ongoing basis to Bedouins in the Naqab who are regularly subject to land confiscation, home demolitions, and are denied public services such as electricity in their villages.

Canadian government policy is particularly disturbing in that the Prawer Plan and the displacement of indigenous peoples is distinctly similar to Canada’s own dispossession of indigenous peoples on this land, from forced evictions, to land confiscation, to “resettlement” and residential schools.

Palestinians have called for two “Days of Anger” to protest the Prawer Plan. One of those days is today, August 1. Join in the virtual protest against the Prawer Plan by sending the letter below to Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird demanding that Canada end its unconditional support to Israeli racism and apartheid.

Tweet now: Israeli govt threatens Bedouin w/mass expulsion.Canada calls it “internal Israeli matter” Speak out: http://wp.me/p1SS3T-el #StopPrawerPlan

For more information on the Prawer Plan, please click here: http://adalah.org/eng/?mod=articles&ID=1589
To read the letter by 91 Canadian writers, please click here: http://www.cjpme.org/DisplayHTMLDocument.aspx?DO=795&ICID=3&RecID=1124&SaveMode=0

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