January 11: Stand with Idle No More on Day of Action

BIAC encourages all supporters, allies and friends of Palestine to attend the Idle No More Vancouver demonstrations tomorrow, Friday, January 11 at City Hall (and the later Flashmob at CTV – see below for details). The Idle No More indigenous resurgence has swept across this land. We stand for indigenous rights and justice from Turtle Island to Palestine, and we cannot be engaged in Palestine solidarity work on this land without also standing first with the indigenous people of this land in their struggle to confront settler colonialism.

The “Palestinians in Solidarity with Idle No More” statement: http://uspcn.org/2012/12/23/palestinians-in-solidarity-with-idle-no-more-and-indigenous-rights/
“Architect of Apartheid” by Mike Krebs: http://briarpatchmagazine.com/articles/view/architect-of-apartheid

Idle No More – Rally at City Hall 
Friday, January 11
12:00pm until 4:00pm
Vancouver City Hall – Cambie and West 12th
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/400873509990958/

Announcement from Organizers:
The plan for the 11th, the City Hall event, is:
We will be leaving the Native Education College at Noon; 12 pm sharp. Then we will proceed to march to Vancouver City Hall.

Please every one that will be marching with us, and meeting at the Native Education College! PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL! Classes are still in session and we don’t want to disrupt any of these classes and teachings. If there are elders marching with us by all means sit inside and keep warm. But every one else, again.. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL!

* Also, PLEASE!* If you are not going to join us for the march and you just want to meet us at City Hall, I would suggest not being there until 1pm. We don’t want you all waiting in the cold.

There will be seats at City hall, but they are reserved for the Elders.

Idle No More is an awakening of the people. It has waken both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous citizens of this country to what the Government is trying to do. It is not only our Treaty Rights and Human Rights being trampled upon, it is the Rights of EVERY citizen that are being trampled upon. If we don’t start taking environmental issues more seriously there will be no more clean water; no more fish; no more wildlife; no more natural resources; No Way Any Of Us Can Live. Whether you realize it or not Canada, our issues are yours to.

Whether you have been to all the Idle No More events or you don’t understand what the movement is about. Come out and listen to our songs and voices; share your voice; feed your mind.

We have to stay solid with one and other; You and I; Mankind and Mother Earth!

Spread the word!
We will stand Idle No More! This rally is for everyone that calls Canada their homeland – stand up for ‘the true north strong and free.’

Opening prayer from Musqueam and words from the three host nations
Alexandra Perich: N.E.C chief/co-organizer
Steven Kakinoosit: Idle No More BC co-organizer
Joyce Murray: MP Liberal Vancouver Quadra
Dr. Lee Brown: Director of UBC Institute of Aboriginal Health
Kat Norris: Indigenous Action Movement Spokeswoman
Brigette DePape: Activist. she held up the “stop harper” sign during the throne speech.
Khelsilem Rivers: Idle No More BC co-organizer
Verdann Evans: Student Activist.
Noel Abrahms: Haida drummer/singer.
Sino General: Mohawk speaker/singer
Harsha Walia: Immigrants Supporting Indigenous Rights

We will then Invite Drummers and Singers to share thier songs with us.
we do ask though that the organizers have control over who sings
as it does tend to get confusing who is singing what song.

Please bring your drums and regalia and voices.

Huy ch q’a, Meegwetch, Kinanâskomitinawaw,
Thank you, all my relations.

Flashmob Bone Game
Friday, January 11
Robson and Burrard Streets, Vancouver
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/403515756391106/

Announcement from the organizers:
Flashmob in solidarity and coordination with Idle No More Media Flashmobs all accross canada.

This date was agreed upon because January 11th is the date of the meeting between Harper, The “aboriginal” delegation, and Chief Theresa Spence.

Flashmob will be right before the main news segment.
Was also requested for you to bring information hand outs for people walking by. If you have the means please do a write up and use IDLE NO MORE as the title for the information hand out.
Wear Regalia
Even a few masks! Since we are on the west coast!
Bring Drums
Bring Bone game pieces
(maybe log or two)…

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