Jan. 14: No Consent, No Pipelines!


Facebook event:

Rally on Monday January 14th @ 5:00 pm
Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings)
No Consent! No Pipelines! No Tar Sands! No Climate Crimes!

With the Joint Review Panel hearings for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline arriving in Vancouver in mid January, we will be in the streets to amplify marginalized voices demanding environmental justice and challenging the legitimacy of the JRP process. These hearings represent the government and corporate model of seeking consultations about industrial projects while ultimately reserving the right to decide on approving the project and removing the rights of communities to say no.

Indigenous communities have already said no to this project and may have repeatedly asked for free, prior, and informed consent to be respected by both colonial governments and industry. The Unist’ot’en Clan have made it clear that they oppose the construction of all pipelines, including natural gas pipelines, on their territories, that may even blaze the trail for Enbridge’s proposal. We are standing in full support of the self-determination of indigenous communities and calling out the “consultation process” as inadequate and ultimately unacceptable.

Furthermore, the Joint Review Panel have provided a long list of issues that cannot be discussed during the hearings. Shockingly, one of these issues is climate change-perhaps one of the most significant impacts of the project. Climate change impacts many communities globally as well as locally, and by affirming our belief in environmental justice we hope to mobilize grassroots communities in order to highlight the voices that will not be in the hearings and are generally underrepresented in the resistance to pipelines.

Unceded Indigenous lands are threatened to be further destroyed these projects. Subsidies and tax breaks to industrial corporations are promoted in the face of austerity for the people. People are being displaced by these projects and climate change around the world to live in exploitative and impoverished conditions whether they be in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver or in migrant worker camps. Militaries that are waging war against the people of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are fueled by these industries. Structured sexism (or patriarchy) and other oppressions aid in determining who bears the brunt of social impacts of industrial expansion upon communities and who profits. Capitalism and state promotion of economic growth are the driving forces behind extractive industries.

Join us in the streets to show that we demand consent not consultation. Together we will amplify voices for environmental justice. We will organize together to place power in the hands of people and not in the hands of a corporate-financed government or at closed door negotiating tables.

This event is organized by Rising Tide, Vancouver Coast Salish Territories, and endorsed by:

Alliance for People’s Health
Ancestral Pride Ahousaht Sovereign Territory
Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign
Delta/Richmond chapter of the Council of Canadians
Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council
Downtown Eastside Not for Developers Coalition
Food Not Bombs
Fractured Land
Fraser Valley Peace Council
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous Action Movement
Lhe Lin Liyin (Grassroots Wet’suwet’en)
Mining Justice Alliance
Occupy Vancouver Environmental Justice Group
Purple Thistle
Rhizome Cafe
Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group
Social Coast
South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
Spartacus Books
Stop the Pave
Streams of Justice
Unist’ot’en Camp
Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network

If you would like to add your name to the list of endorsers, please email risingtide604@riseup.net

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