Saturday Dec. 8th: Commemoration of Palestinians Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza

On Dec. 8th from 1:30 – 3:30pm, the Boycott Israel Apartheid Campaign is planning a commemoration of all Palestinians of Gaza who were killed in the recent Israeli attacks.  The outline of the commemoration is described below.  PLEASE EMAIL BOYCOTTAPARTHEID@GMAIL.COM IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE, SO WE KNOW THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO WILL TAKE PART.

This event will insist that each Palestinian and their families were robbed of the lives of loved ones who deserve to be recognized not just politically but as individual humans.

We will meet at the fountain at the Art Gallery at 1:15pm and then proceed to form a line along Georgia St. moving towards Granville.

We welcome any suggestions from groups or individuals to make this a stronger event.

There will be a sign-making bee for all those with good handwriting skills.  Please email if you are able to assist and we will let you know the time and location.

For those of you who are in groups, please forward this email to your lists.


People form a line on a busy downtown sidewalk. They are spaced a few feet apart. Each carries a white sign about 24 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Written on the sign, in black marker, is the name of someone killed in the current Gaza attack.

The person at the front of the line holds a bullhorn. She raises the bullhorn and calls the name of the person on her sign, the victim’s age, and the day the victim died, then “Gaza”. Nothing else is said. A few seconds later, a person from the back of the line has arrived at the front. He takes the bullhorn, stands a few feet further along the street, and calls the next name, age, date and “Gaza”. He hands the bullhorn to the next name-holder.

The line proceeds along the street, one name at a time. It doesn’t start or stop. It will grow as new name signs join it. Name-holders both join and leave the line, but the name signs remain. When a name-holder has to leave, she gives the sign, and the responsibility for holding it, to a new member of the line.

The line starts on Saturday at the art gallery and moves, name-by-name, away from the gallery and into the dowtown streets. Throughout the time it moves anywhere it wants to move. If new name-holders can be found, it continues to crawl through the streets.  At 3:30pm, marshals collect the signs.

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