Nov. 20: Lavan – You Can’t Whitewash the Occupation!


Picket Lavan Body Mind and Soap
Sunday, November 20
1:00 PM
840 Granville St (Granville and Robson), Vancouver

Part of the International Week of Action Against the Apartheid Wall

Join the Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign for an informational picket outside Lavan: Body Mind and Soap on Sunday, November 20 at 1:00 PM. Lavan Vancouver boasts of its ‘natural’ Israeli soaps and beauty products. Join us to inform Vancouver that there’s nothing green about apartheid!

While Israeli companies like Lavan benefit from the minerals of the Dead Sea, Palestinians from the illegally Israeli-occupied West Bank have been denied access to the northern Dead Sea’s beaches and minerals for over a decade. The northern Dead Sea area, inside the West Bank, is 77% confiscated by occupation military officials and illegal colonial settlements. Furthermore, all Israeli companies – and the Israeli economy, based on apartheid and exploitation of Palestinian resources – benefit from Israeli apartheid, while the Palestinian people, living under occupation and apartheid and in exile, have called for a global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against all Israeli goods, products, and institutions.

Israel destroys Palestinian lives, livelihoods and homes daily, refuses to stop building its illegal settlements and apartheid wall on stolen land, continues to control Gaza while slicing the West Bank into Bantustans, denies Palestinian refugees their right to return, grows produce and sets up industrial zones on stolen Palestinian land, and operates an apartheid, racist system on both sides of the ‘green line’. Companies like Lavan, which one news article reported that “when creating the store and the products, pride in Israel was part of the package,” reflect pride in apartheid.

Join us for an informational picket and literature distribution – Boycott Lavan, Boycott Israeli Apartheid!

Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign

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