Vote for Human Rights in the MEC Board Election


The deadline for voting was Friday, April 9 at noon PST.

Vote Online at:

Or click on the “Board Election 2010” link at

Vote by phone at 1.877.561.8888. Wait for the prompt and select up to three candidates, then press star (*). Your selections will be played back to you for confirmation and this is the only point you can change your vote. Then you can vote on Special Resolutions.
To vote you must be 16 or older and a MEC member as of January 7, 2010. If you don’t have your voting PIN, click on the link “Get your PIN”


All MEC members can vote for up to three candidates to fill vacancies on the board, but you can vote for less than three.

Margie Parikh and George Pinho and Geoffrey White
(details on candidate responses are below).


All MEC members can also vote for a series of special resolutions, which require a 75% majority to pass. We believe many of these special resolutions are in response to a resolution brought forward at the last AGM calling on MEC to stop sourcing from Israel, and that they limit the democratic participation of MEC members in the ethical policies of the co-op.

Special Resolution 1: Vote NO

Special Resolution 2: Vote NO

Special Resolution 3: Vote NO

Special Resolution 5: Vote NO


Palestine Solidarity Network Edmonton has emailed all 14 candidates running for the MEC board of directors to ask about their position on ending MEC sourcing from Israeli companies, in line with the Palestinian-led call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Based on the responses received, consider voting for the following candidates who seem most open to addressing the issue of MEC sourcing products from Israel.
PSN Edmonton has posted a page with voting information and all the responses they’ve received from candidates:

Margie Parikh (“My view is that we have many, many options available to us for sourcing. Although clearly not everyone agrees where we should source and if we should boycott Israeli products for their continued oppression of the Palestinian people, surely we do not need to be supporting questionable regimes or practices. I see no reason for us to continue to offer these products. There are so many other options! I support local sourcing and when sourcing overseas (and in Canada) we should be making a stand and offering more fairly-traded and environmentally-friendly products.”)

George Pinho (“I think this is something we should look into but not just for Israel, for any country where human rights issues are a problem. The issue is where does one draw the line? Certainly, many people think Israel is an area of concern as do I, but what about the US invading Iraq and Japan illegally hunting whales and dolphins. Once MEC starts down this path, it will be difficult to know where to stop. My approach would be to assess the concern of the MEC membership on this topic. If enough concern exists, I think it is our duty to adopt a position on this matter.”)

Geoffrey White (“My intent is to take a reasoned, judicious approach to this issue, and all other policy and business issues facing the Co-operative. I also say this: I don’t want MEC to act one way regarding one country and a different way regarding another, and I don’t want MEC standing by when law (or common decency) is being violated. These two principles are not isolated from one another, as I’m sure you already appreciate.”)

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