Facts on Bil’in’s Ground

June 10, 2009 – Human Rights lawyer Emily Schaeffer is in Vancouver this week answering our questions about the village of Bil’in, about the  lawsuit she is conducting against two Canadian corporations, and what life can be like for her firm’s clients in occupied Palestine.

Emily grew up in Boston and studied law in California. She is an Israeli and has made her home and her career there representing Palestinians who struggle under Israeli and Israeli Military law. The case that brought her to Canada is a suit brought by the Palestinian Village of Bil’in against two Quebec corporations. Green Park International and Green Mount International are building a condominium tower on occupied Palestinian land.

Under the UN’s Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, that construction constitutes a War Crime. Fortunately, Canada has adopted the UN’s statutes, making it possible to chase down the two paper corporations in the Quebec Superior Court. That will be Emily’s task when she presents three motions beginning June 22.

If she is successful and the Quebec court puts aside Canada’s unambiguous political support for Israeli policy honoring instead its commitments to the rule of law, Green Park and Green Mount will become two very bad investments. Better news: the villagers of Bil’in will have won a rare victory in the Palestinian struggle to hold back Israel’s illegal expansion.

See the Canadian Federal “Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act ( 2000, c. 24 )”

The CBC provides some color and background.

The Village of Bil’in is here. Note Google’s claim that Bil’in is in “Israel”.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights .

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